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Such smitten. So temptation. Mouse!


We once hat a cat called Mouse. He was: a large, scaredy brown tabby; brother to Gremlin; offspring of Astrophe.

There's a "Mouse" (as opposed to a mouse) up for adoption: 8 yrs, slightly skewiff black and white, unhappy at the pet shelter, and could tolerate another cat.

So tempted. But we thought we'd wait until the new stove's been installed before we get another pet. Moving one cat out to the home office whilst there's workmen round is one thing; two near strangers, entirely another.


The Mysteries of LJ

I'm currently not getting emailed notifications of comments on my lj or replies to my comments elsewhere.

I am getting emailed notifications of "likes".

I cannot see likes when I'm logged in.

I can see likes when I log out.

I would rather be logged in than out. I would rather be emailed when substantive comments are made.

Ho hum.


My current winter hat is my Scareisle tam--yup, fair isle with more than a touch of Hallowe'en about it. This is fine in October, but a tad odd in January. So, this week I knit this:

I am in love with the yarn (Buachaille by Kate Davies Designs) and the pattern was sweet to knit. And the result is really warm--all that extra buk from the stranded knitwork.



A corvid walks into a pub.
The landlord happily serves it.
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Trying Scribefire in Vivaldi to LJ.

Mr Socks' Last Days

So I can find the info if needed at a later date.

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Welcome 2017!

Mr Oswald felt left out not having his picture posted on the internetz yesterday. So here he is:


December 2016

- The Things My Mother Left Me by P. DJÉLI CLARK (http://www.fantasy-magazine.com/new/new-fiction/the-things-my-mother-left-me/)
- ‘Tis the Season by China Mieville (http://chinamieville.net/post/154905483353)
- Thin Air by Ann Cleeves (K)
- Lazy coders are training artificial intelligences to be sexist by Aviva Rutkin (https://www.newscientist.com/article/2115175-lazy-coders-are-training-artificial-intelligences-to-be-sexist/)
- The case for imperfect veganism by Eve Andrews (http://grist.org/living/the-case-for-imperfect-veganism/)

- angel for tree
- most of M's Xmas/birthday gift

- Mr Socks




Is Spotify trying to tell me something?

Blackmore's Night's Writing on the Wall, Jake Thackray's The Black Swan followed by Chris de Burgh's A Rainy Night in Paris.... (Maybe just that I have bad taste?)