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March 2014

alien kitty
rather belatedly...

Wedding Day by Brian Trent (DSF)
Shadow Unit 1 by Bear, Bull, Monette, Shetterly (K)
Through Dry Places, Seeking Rest by Megan Arkenberg (DSF)
Surprise Me by Andrew Knighton (DSF)
All Upon A Time by Dani Atkinson (DSF)
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (K)


Funerals: 1

Birds in Garden:
Blackbirds (including Mr Whitestreak)
Collared doves
Great tit
Greenfinch, female?

PPract: 13

February 2014

alien kitty
Read:Birds in Garden:

  • Goldfinch

  • Blackbirds (including the one with the white flash on his wing)

  • Robins

  • Sparrows

  • Collared doves

  • Great tits

PPract: 14

January 2014

alien kitty



  • Tulip II


  • Introduction to Dynamical Systems and Chaos (, week 1
  • MS221 B1, B2, B3, C1
  • M366 Block 1

Birds in Garden:

  • Great Tit
  • Blue Tit
  • Long-tailed Tit*
  • Blackbird
  • Robin
  • Sparrow
  • Wood pigeon
  • Collared dove


SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): I'm hoping you will find a new teacher or two 
in 2014, maybe even a mentor. Not a guru who tells you what to do. Not
an exploitative "expert" who claims to know what's right for you or a
charismatic narcissist who collects adoration. What I wish for you,
Scorpio, is that you will connect with wise and humble sources of
inspiration . . . with life-long learners who listen well and stimulate you to
ask good questions . . . with curious guides who open your eyes to
resources you don't realize you need. In the coming months, you are
primed to launch a quest that will keep you busy and excited for years; I'd
love to see you get excellent help in framing that quest. [Rob Brezsny's Astrology Newsletter]

PPractice: 5

December 2013

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  • Replacement Phone Sock (out of my handspun yarn)


Happy New Year!

alien kitty

All good wishes for 2013.

Chocolate coffee

alien kitty

We wandered into a pleasantly quiet and good-tempered town this morning, before the gales and driving rain blew in. Fresh veg. (Looby Loo demanded kale), fresh bread, cheese, tea and coffee beans acquired from the market. The last is most delicious and has masked the smell of cleaning through the house. (Were I to make a new year resolution for next year, it'd be to walk into town once a week to buy more from the market and even less from supermarkets.)

Apart from baking, present wrapping, and tree and card arranging, we're all set. So come on Christmas, we're ready to take you on ;-)

It's all in the alignment of the planets

alien kitty

Or, at least, the planetary gear.

Let the celebrations commence: the Kenwood Chef was dead; the Kenwood Chef lives; long live the Kenwood Chef.

A good workout creaming a pat of butter confirms the efficacy of the replacement planetary gear.

Also, rum butter achieved so we don't have to cancel Christmas.

Recent visitor to the bird feeder

alien kitty
DSCF0135 by muninnhuginn
DSCF0135, a photo by muninnhuginn on Flickr.

Cheeky begger!

A Long Goodbye

alien kitty

For a while the Kenwood Chef (blue and white 1960s or early '70s vintage) has occasionally--wilfully--shat its chunky nut from the plate into which the beater screws into the cake mix. I've washed the offending article and refrained from jokes about added ingredients.

A handful of cakes ago, the KC stopped. M turned it upside down, discovered where the power cable had worn through over the years, and fixed it. The upside to this (apart from having a working KC again) was enough crud had been dislodged, air had got to its innards, that it smelt less of burning lubricant whilst working.

Today, the whole mechanism was slipping so it jammed against the bowl (this is the white pyrex variety not one of the more recent inferior stainless steel or plastic ones). I'm terrified of the bowl breaking (or breaking further: it has a chip on the upper edge of its lip, sealed with pink nail varnish, where I try not to aim when cracking eggs.) We repeatedly dismantled the clockwork mechanism, cleaned it up, reseated it, screwed it up. By the time I'd hand creamed the butter and sugar and beaten in the eggs it was fettled enough to mix in the flour for Looby Loo's lemon drizzle cake. Then it fell apart again.

I do not want to have to replace it. I learned to bake with a similar (possibly slightly newer) model and never really got used to its blocky brown and orange replacement (which my Dad had to replace last year, so it also did rather well). Looby Loo learned to bake with our model, which M inherited from his grandmother. We like our well-worn sturdy technology. (I own one sewing machine from the 1950s that was my grandmothers and still refer to the second machine--from 1977--as the new one. The old Singer is superior.)


(And I promised birthday cake to take into school on Monday, too.)