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Dear School

Is this
A reminder that following half-term break Monday 31st October is a Conference Day for staff and will be closed to students.  School will resume on Tuesday, 1st November.
even slightly grammatical?


Two Birds with One Stone

Or, what to do with several samples of handspun and not quite enough commercial yarn


Vroom, vroom, doom

Yup. The car is dead. Or at least more expensive to repair than its current value (never hard with an old Skoda).

I think this is the fourth car we've had since I joined lj. All Skodas. All second-hand. All, except the onetwo that got run over, driven until they died.

Annoyingly, if it had been just gone Easter next year, we could have pretty much managed without a car at all. The one regular long trip that cannot be done by public transport is getting LL to rubgy practice on a Sunday (and I'm trying to persuade her that taking a term or two off would be a good idea as too many knocks to the head before exams is not a good thing).

ETA: number of cars written off by others.


Brum, brum, Brum.

And then: boom! bum :-(

Or... we drove to Birmingham on Saturday for LL to visit the university. Car made odd noises and only died in the car park outside Pets at Home. Still waiting to hear from garage.

Top Class Earworm

So much better when one's earworm's from a Nobel laureate.


Three things...

  1. I've just found the cat sick on the dark carpet in the time-honoured manner. Boo ;-)

  2. Teenagers, schools, coursework, deadlines.... bah! :-(

  3. Off to watch Lauden Wainwright in a jiffy. :-)

A favour, o friendslist

Looby Loo has a survey that she'd love folk to complete. It's for her Anthropology extended essay for her IBacc and is on science fiction conventions and gender. It's anonymous. And pretty short:


An annonymous survey about the representaion of women on panels at SF cons for my anthropology coursework

Oh, and please feel free to pass on to other potentially interested parties.


A realisation

I've not wanted to knit much recently. Last month, in fact, I achieved only a handful of hexipuffs for the bedspread. Nothing bigger. Nothing finished, but at least nothing else started to add to the looming UFOs.

I was spinning away this evening, wondering what use I'd put this new howspun to, when it suddenly came to me why this is. I only want to knit with yarn I've spun.

So that's understood.

Finale (A Grand Day Out--At Home)

I shopped, just a little, ordering a lucet.

I also got the drop spindles out and spun a little yesterday evening.

Wandering online in search of an "exhibition", I followed various routes through mathematical knitters and found a book on discrete mathematics and ducks and The End of the Internet.

So, I just about completed my list. And don't have tired feet, a depleted credit card, the guilty feeling I may have shared my cold with too many people.
These are some of the photos I've taken in past years at Ally Pally.
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