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alien kitty

I'm watching the Prom (on BBC4) that I listened to (on Radio 3) earlier in the week.

Orchestras, hard at work, are pretty things.

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alien kitty
I only put it down for a second, honest, before there were three happily caffeinating chickens gathered around my coffee mug. Outrageous! I'd only come to sit outside to avoid the limpet-like behaviour of the Little cat.

This post brought to you in lieu of something more sensible by a person with too many dinosaurs in their back garden.

June 2014

alien kitty
Hobbies by Stephen V. Ramey (
The Walking-Stick Forest by Anna Tambour (
Clasp Hands by Stephanie Burgis (DSF)
Milk by P.J. Monroe (
Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch (K)
Items Found in the Pocket of a God Who Abandoned His People by Andrew Kaye (DSF)
Schrodinger's Wife by Preston Grassmann (DSF)
Nine Dishes on the Cusp of Love by Fran Wilde (DSF)
Fish Dreams by Max Barry (
Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch (K)
Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch (K)
Sad Kapteyn by Alastair Reynolds(
Lonely Boy by Christopher Owen (
Employment Unknown by Russ Bickerstaff (
May I Take Control Now? by Carroll Dale Short (
The Hunger of Rats by Moriah Geer-Hardwick (
Bartholemew's Passage by Gerald Warfield (
The Call by Teresa Davis (
The Jaywalker by Tom Britz (
Combustion Hour by Yoon Ha Lee (
Barbed by Karl Bell (
Le Pont des Arts by D. A. Hosek (
Remnants of a Quilter's Memory by Jessi Cole Jackson (
Fireweed by Jill Paton Walsh (K)
A Code to Live By by Jane Williams (
The Sommelier by Joe Christopher (
Olympic Summer by Sarada Gray (
Toad Words by ursulav (

Matisse exhibition


PPract: 5

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): U2's Bono has called Leonard Cohen's song
"Hallelujah" "the most perfect song in the world." It is mournful and
triumphant, despairing and uplifting. It's a riddle that improbably offers
cathartic release. Over 300 recording artists have done cover versions of
it, and it has even been the subject of books. And yet it was a challenge
for Cohen to compose. He wrote more than 80 verses before choosing
the few he would actually include in the final version, and in one famous
session he resorted to banging his head on the floor to stimulate his
creative flow. "To find that urgent song," he said, took "a lot of work and
a lot of sweat." I nominate "Hallelujah" to be one of your sacred symbols
for the next 12 months, Scorpio. From your strenuous effort, I predict,
will come masterful creations.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Scorpio novelist Kurt Vonnegut rebelled
against literary traditions. His stories were often hybrids of science fiction
and autobiography. Free-form philosophizing blended with satirical moral
commentary. He could be cynical yet playful, and he told a lot of jokes. "I
want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over," he
testified. "Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see
from the center." He's your role model for the next four weeks, Scorpio.
Your challenge will be to wander as far as you can into the frontier
without getting hopelessly lost.
[ty Rob Brezsny]

[local] Jigsaws

alien kitty
Anyone themselves keen on, or knows of anyone that's keen on, jigsaws?

I have:

  • Feline Frenzy (500 pieces + mystery to solve)

  • Sonata for a Spy (1000 pieces + mystery to solve)

  • Mirror of Galadriel (1000 pieces)

  • A Stitch in Time (sewing machine and sewist) (750 pieces, shaped puzzle)

  • World's most difficult jigsaw puzzle (lots of cats) (529 pieces, double-sided) claimed by bugshaw

  • Winter's Dawn (wolves) (1000 pieces + glow in the dark)

  • Owl (1000 pieces, photomosaic) claimed by bugshaw

All complete, made only once or twice, and free to a good home.
Why I've kept them for so long, I don't know: I don't even like jigsaws.

Bunged on Freecycle.


(Not so) small object of desire

alien kitty
I do so want this: CATable.

P&P from HK anyone?


Well, that's torn it (Matisse)

alien kitty
Went to the Matisse exhibition screening--and got sound (the ad for cinema screening of Shakespeare Globe productions was very fine on audio only), but no pictures. Insert sad blue cutout face here.

Cinema very apologetic, but the satellite wouldn't talk nicely to them. We suggested we drew on the screen; the manager offered to mime it for us, or sing. I think, if it had been missing sound, we'd've stayed for a pictures-only showing. Still, kudos to Vue for politeness, refunds, and compimentary tickets.

The thing I've now learned: if you can see and hear those irritating ads, all is weel, so be thankful even as you're annoyed.

May 2014

alien kitty
Silence by Natasha Preston (K)
Darkness Becomes You by Peter A Schaefer (DSF)
A New Man by Aislinn Batstone (
Rotten Apple Inc. by Kathy Myers (
The Spell by Austin Prettyman (
The Madonna of the Abattoir by Anne M. Pillsworth (
Playing the Percentages by Michael Haynes (DSF)
Nine Lives by Callie Snow (DSF)
The Vivisection of Sgt. Shane Eastwood by Matt Mikalatos (DSF)
The Mitten Inspector by Patricia Russo (DSF)
Ransomware by John P. Murphy (DSF)
The Mothers of Voorhisville by Mary Rickert (
A Fresh Start by Rob Butler (
2 Pi to Live by Chaz Brenchley (
Neat Freaks by T C Ryan (
Nod by Adrian Barnes (K)
4:19 by Kathleen Rose (
The Unladylike Education of Agatha Tremain by Stephanie Burgis (
Among the Thorns by Veronica Schanoes (
The Golden Bowl by Henry James (PG)
Finding Balance by Jamie Lackey (
Apple Witches by Michelle M. Denham (
Now Playing by Emily K. Stamm (
Like Killing a Mockingbird by Malcolm Chandler (
Back to Egypt by Sarah Crysl Akhtar (
Planet Jumpers by Daniel Ausema (
Meet me at the Waterfront by Mark Noce (
Letters to Hell by Charles Payseur (•-by-charles-payseur/)
Collecting the Necromancer by Bryan N. Zimmer (
The Litany of Earth by Ruthanna Emrys (


Boring socks
Wingspan II (phoenix)

PPract: 3

Questions (since all opinion is on lj)

alien kitty
Is "Everything is Awesome" from The LEGO Movie the most infectious and persistent earworm in the universe? How can I shift it?

I was briefly hit by "Starry night" via a Yarn Harlot blog post but Gizmag's mention of the little bugger ousted that immediately.

Apologies for those who know the track in question and are now afflicted. If you don't know it, don't try to find out out.

Brought to you by "things we used to do on lj" part 4: asking for opinions and advice

Linguist Quiz

alien kitty

Via Language Hat, I took a quiz and discovered I was:

Historical Linguist

Latin, Ancient Greek, Hitite, etc… are far from dead to you. You have a firm grasp on phonological processes and philology. You memorize etymology texts in your free time. The Brothers Grimm are so much more to you than fairy tale writers, and you can explain every spelling discrepancy for both English and French. You are social, but mostly with illuminated texts and Shakespeare. You are SO over current trends and know that modern technology is only good for improving our understanding of the past.

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It took a jump to the left...

alien kitty
And got stuck in a time warp?

From the Indy: The joke that kept Rocky Horror fans waiting for five years.

Brought to you by "things we used to do on lj" part 1: posting interesting links and part 2: creating long, and sometimes silly, tags.