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Ooh-aaar! me hearties!

I seems, according to wiser heads than mine, it's International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

So, here's wishing

- grog for them's as a-thirsty
- buried loot for them's as is poor-aarh
- parrots, coz... parrots.

I'ze off to find a few shanties, me hearties.
Is this: Roland AE-10 (soloist talks about it here).


For those not in the know, I have a VL70-m and a Yamaha WX 5.

Cat (mr Oswald)

For ms_cataclysm, and also just 'cos:


Well, we can't imagine a writing desk sitting behind the wheel of one of these!
Lego Caterham

Found via: NewAtlas

Less Broken...

Well, one Hudl finally recharged and rebooted.

Other stuff wot broke... remains broke.

But I was spurred into getting a new phone (when the factory date for your mobile is 2009, it's probably time). Wileyfox Spark+. Cyanogen. Spare SIM on M's contract. Luverly.

Break, break, break...

First it was the iron (bought just prior to Loncon). Then it was the SD card in my camera. Today it was the hinge on my little Vye netbook.

The first two now replaced via losing only three pictures and a delay to last week's ironing. The last meant nearly copying the entire internettrying to copy the home directory to Dropbox including the Dropbox directory it contained32–2.5 million files later.... In truth I had only a dozen locally-stored files to copy away. I'll miss my Vye with Peppermint, but it was beginning to struggle even with a minimal setupand; there was a crack in the fascia around the screen; the keyboard had been well-trampled by the appalling beast, and the left button on the trackpad was dying. So.

It gave me a couple of good years which for a second-hand piece of kit is no bad thing. Adds new netbook to list of things required, along with new mobile phone.

ETA: Hudl conked out while I was sending an email. Hudl 2 won't charge.

August 2016

- The Oldest Profession by Patience Mackarness (http://everydayfiction.com/the-oldest-profession-by-patience-mackarness/)
- Like a Ghost I'm Gonna Haunt You by Curtis C. Chen (DSF)
- Captured in Color by Rebecca Lang (DSF)
- How to Listen to Music by Robert Reed (DSF)
- Sleeping Problems by Ciaran Parkes (DSF)
- Chiaroscuro by Paresh Tiwari (DSF)
- Shard of Glass By Alaya Dawn Johnson (http://www.strangehorizons.com/2005/20050214/shard-1-f.shtml)
- Careers for Magical Creatures: Memo to a Former Fairy Godmother by Sarina Dorie (DSF)
- My Son, the Shapeshifter by Shane D. Rhinewald (DSF)
- Nine Songs by Mari Ness (DSF)
- Sirens by E. Lillith McDermott (DSF)
- Crows by Caw Miller (DSF)
- Careers for Magical Creatures: Fairy Godchild Intake Form by Sarina Dorie (DSF)
- In Sickness and in Health by Gustavo Bondoni (http://everydayfiction.com/in-sickness-and-in-health-by-gustavo-bondoni/)
- A Historical Curiosity by Tyler Young (DSF)
- My Grandmother's Bones by S.L. Huang (DSF)
- The Flock by Melissa Mead (DSF)

- Mother of Eden by Chris Beckett (K)
- Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers (K)
- The Holy Machine by Chris Beckett (K)

- Parsnip scarf(lette)
- Hexipuffs

Poems learned:
- To whom it may concern (Tell me lies about Vietnam) by Adrian Mitchell

ETA: hexipuffs


I don't it seems just get musical earworms. Sometimes I get speech. Yes, my very own voices in my head!
Although it could be argued that the current one—https://youtu.be/U3bVJAe8xVY—most likely counts as something close to music. It replays with Mitchell's delivery and intonation. And has been on repeat for about a fortnight.

Blocking and Finished Object

I've never really bothered with blocking: for sweaters and such a steam with the iron while maing up deems to work well and gloves and hats strect to fit. But lace, that needs a good stretch:
Looks really huge, but it's actually a neat little wrap for my nekc for under the new winter coat (and possibly the green smart coat too). I'l be on the lookout for a new brooch to fasten it in place. Closeup of the lace pattern (and my yarn):


Happy International Cat Day!

Who comes up with these designated days? Pictures anyway...
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