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May 2015

- Barricade by Jon Wallace (K)
- The Pieces by Teresa Milbrodt (
- Only Heroes by Lavie Tidhar (DSF)
- Schismatrix Plus by Bruce Sterling (K)
- The Very Best of Charles de Lint by Charles de Lint (K)
- Bitter Waters by Chaz Brenchley (K)
- Jacob Gayne, Vice President by Aaron Emmel (
- From Dark Places by E J Newman (K)
- Goodbye, Mick by Kristin Lea Berry (
- Bonzo's by Justin Eells (
- Uncanny Magazine, Issue 2 (K)
- Forever Magazine, Issue 1 (K)
- Barden Bernick, Living the Dream by J. J. Roth (

- Crown for Lobby Loo (for #TiaraDay)

- Electric kettle
- DAB radio

- Bed
- Dining room table and chairs
- Electric kettle

- days ill in bed = 14
- visits to GP or hospital w/ Looby Loo = 2
- cats to vee ee tee = 2

Possibly the best thing this month...


(Tho' @fuckeveryword comes a close second.)

Bronze Fennel?

We last grew that over fifteen years ago.

But a new plant's just come up anyway. Not in the handiest place, of course.


A Mystery Solved

The little spotlight by the bed failed. Its rocker switch broke. Could just have been old age, but then I watched Ozzie, elevated by the new bed to the height of the switch cleaning his teeth on it! We're lucky he's not toast.


Bleugh :-(

The one redeaming feature of the awful bug I have was that only one side of my head was so completely congested that I was deaf in that ear (irritatingly, my phone ear). No longer! Ha-ha, says the bug, I can be bilateral.

Also, nosebleeds.


There was an election, wasn't there?

Sighs deeply.

Actually Chris  Beckett has it about right: invisible electors.

Single Transferable Vote

No, I know we didn't get voting reform or an elected house of lords or boundary changes.... Politicians: just as likely not to work against their vested interests as the rest of us.
I'm still livid about that.
So, here are my general election preferences in an ideal world:
1. Sandi Toksvik (oops! the Women's Equality Party's not ready... yet)
2. Nicola Sturgeon (oops! the SNP aren't standing outside of Scotland: I'd be interested to know how many other "ScandiScots" are actually not in Scotland, or Scottish, at all)
3. Green (whoever that might be in my constituency: they've not knocked on our door) (and they won't win--not even in the local elections)
4. Arghhhh! I swore never to vote Labour again, when Blair became leader; I swore never to vote for our MP again when he didn't stand out against the end of the educational maintenance allowance.
4a. LibDem
4b. Labour

Locally, I suppose it's a withered Green.

April 2015

Bow Ties and Jell-o Cubes by Stephen V. Ramey (
The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope (PG)
Mermaid's Purse by Rebecca Hodgkins (DSF)
Sarah's Child by Susan Jane Bigelow (
Let Us Now Praise Awesome Dinosaurs by Leonard Richardson (
You Have Always Lived in the Castle by Cat Rambo (DSF)
Machines On Top by Matthew Harrison (
Robo-rotica by Sarina Dorie (DSF)
End of the Line by C S Morgan (
Rachel Ray by Anthony Trollope (PG)

Mr Socks is home!

Post ultrasound of his heart and an x-ray and blood tests. And no food for far too long.

He's got several (six!) bald patches and a not entirely clean bill of health:
-Dicky heart _is_ dicky
-Blood pressure is normal
-Thyroid activity at the top of normal
-Kidneys are probably a bit dodgy.

So we need to check his thyroid and possibly change his diet.

And he's currently still drunk on his sedative. We're not emulating him completely, but with red wine.

The bill: £800+ and worth every penny. (I may delay buying us a new dining suite until next month.)

Our real problem, what with Little being in her third decade, is thinking of him as old. He's the youngster.

But, he's home!


Some things should never be rushed into

Like buying your first bed together.

After almost a quarter century we've ordered a new bed with a snazzy memory foam mattress. The futon was only going to be temporary when I bought it for the flat after all.